Your Mail is at Risk Because of Pending Convid-19 Closures

CNMI.   What to do if your PMB closes?

First of all it hasn't happened yet.

But if it does it would be amiss if the CNMI government does not include the PMB's as an essential service.

We trust the PMB's to be open, but now all is in doubt.

My conversations with PMB's  on Saipan is that they have no clue how to operate their business in an emergency.

Their typical response is that if the CNMI government 'orders' non-essential businesses to close down, they will close because the PMB's employee's and the owners think they're non-essential!

Please don't  let that happen

Tell the social security or retirement check recipient or the business owner that their mail is non-essential.

The United States Postal service has published some rules regarding PMB's (called CMRA's ).

Unfortunately they do not require the CMRA to stay open or even open at all.

As a matter of fact, the government does not guarantee your mail will get to your mailbox.

I will post a few of their guidelines below but you can click on the link and go directly to the USPS' page on CRMA's (PMB's)


If a CMRA Goes Out of Business

If a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) goes Out of Business and completely abandons all operations at all locations:

  1. The Postal Service delivery unit will post a notice at the CMRA location informing the CMRA customers where they can pickup their mail.

    • The delivery unit will retain the mail for ten (10) business days from the date of the posted notice.
    • The delivery unit will provide a Mover's Guide when the CMRA customer picks up the mail.
  2. The CMRA customer will need to immediately notify all correspondents of new mailing address and to file a Change-of-Address (COA) request which will last for a period not to exceed thirty (30) business days after the ten (10) business days period stated above.
  3. If, after ten (10) business days, a COA request has not been filed, then the CMRA customer's address will be stated as "Moved, Left No Address".

    • Important: If the CMRA owner operates at more than one location and discontinues operations at some (but not all) locations:
  • The CMRA owner is still responsible for mail addressed to customers at the discontinued location(s).
  • The Postal Service will not allow a COA request to be filed.


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