Worst Job In Town – ITE Spokesperson

There are many unsung heroes in Saipan these days.

Hundreds of volunteers go out every day to help distribute goods, hope, and cheer to those in need.

And we really, really do salute them.

But if you want to know what the Island's worst job is – it''s got to be ITE spokesperson.

Can you imagine standing up in front of many people every day, with a smile on your face, and tell your neighbors and friends that everything is ok. The phone lines are fine. It's the generators, it's the big rock (in 5 inches of water?), it's your kids playing on the internet when, now get this, we only are paying for 2 people at at ime to use their service in each house.

Next they'll be hiking the price.

That is one tough job. And your boss doesn't even come to work?

ITE spokesperson – we all know you.  Keep smiling – even if we don't believe you!

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