Senator Paul A. Manglona is proposing a tax credit for business establishments that install security

According to Senate Bill 19-84, such cameras capture live events and provide a real and immediate benefit to those who choose to employ them in and around their business premises.
Manglona said several commonwealth criminal cases were solved with the help of footage from security cameras which also help deter criminal activity.
The bill states that a business will be entitled to a tax credit “in an amount equal to the lesser of $1,000 or 50 percent of the cost to purchase and install a video surveillance camera in the tax credit recipient’s place of business which is pointed toward the public right-of-way and registered with the Department of Public Safety.”
DPS “shall develop an implementation plan that includes a list of locations in the commonwealth where there are high incidences of crime and where the use of video surveillance cameras may aid in the deterrence and reporting of criminal activity in those areas.”
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