Over 200 job positions available at BSI

There are over 200 job positions needing to be filled within Best Sunshine International, Ldt. affording employment opportunities for jobseekers eager to be part of the commonwealth’s largest private employer.
These employment opportunities further expand the growing local job sector as a result of BSI’s multibillion-dollar investment in the CNMI. These opportunities are now readily available in the CNMI and more information can be obtained through the weekly job fair of BSI.
BSI’s talent acquisition team launched a weekly job fair, which kicked off this past Thursday at the HR Talent Acquisition office, located in the Casa de Felipe building in Garapan.
According to Maggie Attao, Best Sunshine’s talent acquisition assistant manager, over 120 potential applicants attended the initial job fair, and a fair amount were hired immediately.
“The turnout was quite amazing. We had over 120 walk-ins. These individuals filled out job applications for the various positions that Best Sunshine has to offer,” Attao stated.
Among the various job positions presented at the job fair, 10 individuals were immediately offered housekeeping attendant positions, which consequently filled all the vacant housekeeping attendant openings at BSI.
“We had an immediate need to hire housekeeping attendants and we were able to fulfill the weekly requirement of that hiring section today alone. This week we needed 10 attendants.” Attao confirmed.
Best Sunshine’s talent acquisition team also immediately hired other individuals for other positions.
“Other than the housekeeping attendants that were hired today, we hired cooks for the soon-to-open Sunshine Cafe and Hot Pot restaurants”, Attao added.
Sunshine Cafe and Hot Pot, both restaurants owned by BSI, have yet to open their doors. When asked why they are hiring for positions for restaurants not opened yet, Attao stated “We try to hire our staff early so that they can go through the proper training before actually starting the job.”
Other positions available include marketing ambassadors, stewards, Human Resource representatives and managers, general ledger accountants, managers for VIP operations, VIP drivers, food and beverage servers and supervisors, slot representatives, and other jobs essential to the operations of an integrated resort and casino.
Best Sunshine encourages those seeking job and career opportunities to attend the job fair. Attao stated on behalf of BSI, “Through this, we want the general public to come in, meet us and see what opportunities we have to offer as a company. This will be an ongoing event that takes place every Thursday until we inform otherwise.
Best Sunshine International prioritizes locals and U.S.-eligible workers. Job fairs will be held weekly until most of the positions are filled. If interested, these weekly job fairs will be from 10am to 5pm at the HR talent acquisition office, in the Casa de Felipe building, located on Flores Rosa St. in Garapan. 
The applications and resumes received will be stored in an application bank which will be useful for the recruitment process once the Grand Mariana Resort is up and running.
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