IT&E launches Saipan’s first 4G LTE network

IT&E officially launches today the CNMI’s first ever Long-Term Evolution Network, better known as LTE. This service is now available to all IT&E wireless customers with an LTE capable phone at no additional charge.
IT&E has installed a total of six fully operational sites that have been strategically placed around the island to provide IT&E’s wireless customers with premier 4G LTE wireless service. These selected areas are Garapan, Gualo Rai, Kannat Tabla, Susupe, Chalan Kanoa, and Mt. Tapochau.
“We are very excited that our customers can now use and enjoy the best available high speed data service right here at home,” said John M. Compton, IT&E’s chief operating officer.
This new LTE network and expanded 4G network represents another substantial investment in the CNMI but, it is only part of the estimated $30 million additional investment that IT&E has committed to make in the CNMI.
“In addition to this expanded wireless network, we have begun the installation of a fiber optic network on Saipan as well as other projects that are all designed to increase the quality of our services to all of our customers,” Compton said.
IT&E encourages its customers to stop by any IT&E store location or contact (670) 682-4483 to get more information about how to configure their mobile device to automatically connect to IT&E 4G LTE. (IT&E)
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