FEMA – You’re No Santa Claus

FEMA officials became very arrogant at the Hyatt recently when they were asked to gve up their discounted luxury hotel ooms for some paying guests!

 The converastion went something like We're FEMA! We are BIG SHOTS. Well, Obama, you're not. You're on the US payroll nd that's it. 

WE are, on ther hand, ENTITLED to USA sevices as much as the next citizen. We owe no thanks. We are part of the USA!

While you and yor band of  PAID workers are living it up with free food and liqour and BUD at the Hyatt –

AND we're out here thanking you- 


How dare you pretend you are our saviors! 

You wouldn't be here if you weren't ordered .

 This ain't Christmas and you're no Santa Claus

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