Docomo Pacific 100 pct restored in CNMI

After nine months of actively working toward maintenance and repairs in the CNMI due to the devastation caused by Typhoon Soudelor back in August 2015, Docomo Pacific is pleased to announce restoration is now 100 percent complete.
“As a company that is committed to bringing you and your family closer to the things that matter most, our first priority was to restore normalcy to the lives of our customers,” said Thomas Higa, chief commercial officer for Docomo Pacific.
Despite the challenges, Docomo Pacific took these circumstances as an opportunity to evaluate its presence in this region and make decisions that would actually increase investments in the CNMI community.
Benefits now include subscribers being able to enjoy live television programming. Prior to the storm all channels with the exception of a few were recorded in Guam and played on Saipan on a one week delayed schedule.
More notably work is now focused on the recently launched project ATISA which includes installation of 28 miles of underground fiber optic infrastructure from Guam to Rota, Saipan, and Tinian.
ATISA will enable Docomo Pacific to offer new and sustainable wireless, cable television, and broadband Internet services to homeowners who can look forward to speeds of 30 to 60.0 Mbps.
CNMI residents will also experience epic advancements in:
• Telemedicine: Doctors, clinics, and hospitals can quickly share patient data with off island experts
• Education: Provides schools & libraries with reliable, high-speed connections for e-learning
• Allows CNMI to fully participate in federally-funded programs
• Economic Growth: Data use stimulates growth
• Encourages private sector investment through tourism, hotels, etc.
• Provides redundancy and security for public safety to banks, airport, etc.
Completion of ATISA is anticipated toward the latter part of 2017.
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