Did Ambrose Bennet Deserve Arrest Or Is Zero Tolerance Domestic Violence Law Bad?

It came as a shocker!
Ambrose Bennett arrested!
Domestic Violence!
Saipan (CNMI) has a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence incidents.
Touch your partner in a dispute.
No need to explain to police.
Tell it to the judge.
It's just their rule. The police are just doing what they.ve been told to do.
Yes, your husband or wife can cry in remorse for the attack of violence and swear up and own they won't do it again.
Yes you can beg the police officer to let your loved one go, it was just a misunderstanding, etc.. and please, office could you take the hand cuffs off in front the kids.
Just wondering though, back to Ambrose, hoping things work out for them.
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