Voyagers set to present traditional canoe to CNMI

In honor of preserving and perpetuating the art of celestial navigation, voyagers who represented the Commonwealth at the 12th Festival of the Pacific Arts in Guam will present Makali’i, a traditional canoe to the CNMI. Makali’i was once commanded by the late Master Navigator Mau Piailug between the Micronesian Islands adding to its rich history.
Makali’i with its seven crew and navigator, John Lalogo—nephew of Mau Pialug—voyaged from Satawal in Yap to Saipan late April. Makali’i joined other vessels Remedy, Alingano Maisu, and E’Mau as part of the Commonwealth’s voyaging fleet to Guam for the opening of the FestPac on May 22. Alingano Maisu is under the command of Mau Pialug’s son, Sesario Sewralur and grandson Dylan Sewralur. Remedy is under the command of Innocenti Eraekaiut,while E’Mau is under the command of Wayne Pekalpiy assisted by Atarino Tawerlur.
“I am touched by this kind gesture by navigator John Lalogo, the family of the late Mau Piailug, and the people of Satawal. No words can fully express my deep appreciation for the gift of Makali’i for the people of the Commonwealth. I hope that the art of celestial navigation can spark our young generation’s interests as it has around the Pacific region,” said Gov. Ralph DLG Torres.
The Carolinian Affairs Office under the Office of the Governor invites the community to join the special occasion of the presentation of Makali’i from the people of Satawal to the people of the Commonwealth on June 5, Sunday, at 12pm at the Carolinian Utt.