UOG CNAS hosts presentation on Guam’s forest resources

The University of Guam College of Natural and Applied Sciences will be hosting a presentation on Guam’s Forest Resources by the USDA Forest Service on Thursday, March 17, from 9am to 11am in Room 104 in the Agriculture and Life Sciences Building on the UOG campus.
Ashley Lehman of USDA Forest Service with Michelle Lazaro (Pacific Islands Data Analyst) will be on Guam March 16 to 20, 2016. During their visit they will be presenting on the US Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Guam data that was collected in 2013 by foresters from Guam Forestry, University of Guam, and US Forest Service staff. The 2013 inventory was a re-measurement of the initial 61 permanent monitoring plots installed in 2002 throughout all of Guam. After the 2013 inventory an additional 60 FIA permanent plots were installed as part of the Micronesia Challenge terrestrial monitoring program. These plots are located on both public and private lands.
Lehman and Lazaro will give a short overview on the type of data collected and describe how to make use of the files. “The data is compiled in a Microsoft access database that we will give out and explain how to use. The first hour of the presentation will be a look at the data and overview of the database and during the second hour we can answer specific questions you may have about the data,” said Lehman. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop in order to do some hands on querying of the data.
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