New security camera system active in Tumon

The Guam Visitors Bureau and Docomo Pacific have teamed up to increase public safety efforts in Tumon with the installation of the new Digital Sentry System.
Docomo Pacific generously donated the new system to help the Guam Police Department monitor Tumon at the Sgt. Frankie Smith Precinct. The public-private partnership will augment GPD’s presence and act as a crime deterrent.
“Tourism is growing and so does our need for public safety,” said Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo. “I commend Docomo Pacific, GVB and GPD for all working together to bring a peace of mind for all who enjoy visiting our island.”
“I want to thank Docomo Pacific for providing a valuable resource for our police officers,” said Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio. “It’s public-private partnerships like this that give our island the tools it needs to ensure preventative measures are in place for the well-being of the public.”
“We are grateful for this opportunity to extend ourselves to the community with the donation of a state-of-the-art Digital Sentry System throughout Tumon. As a company that believes in Corporate Social Responsibility—it is important to use our products and services to ensure peace of mind for our residents and visitors,” said Thomas Higa, chief commercial officer for Docomo Pacific.
Docomo Pacific’s investment of over $100,000 in equipment and labor will also include maintenance, repairs, and upgrades—making this a very lucrative donation for the Guam Visitors Bureau and the Guam Police Department.
The previous Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system that GPD operated was donated from funds raised through the Governor’s Cup golf tournament in the early 2000s. However, the system lacked funding and maintenance over the years. When Docomo Pacific learned that GVB was planning to update the CCTV, they stepped up and donated the new system.
“The public’s safety continues to be paramount, especially as we prepare for all the events and activities associated with our Visit Guam 2016 year,” said GVB general manager Nathan Denight. “With the anticipated arrival of more visitors and returning island residents, especially during the time of the PATA Annual Summit and the Festival of Pacific Arts, it’s important that everyone feels safe. We thank Docomo Pacific for helping us out and we look forward to working with them and the Guam Police Department to extend coverage of the Digital Sentry System outside of Tumon.”
The Digital Sentry System covers Pale San Vitores Road, including all major entry and exit points into Tumon. GVB has plans to expand the system to include beachside monitoring as well as coverage along Governor Carlos Camacho Road and Camp Watkins Road.
“This is really a great thing for the Guam Police Department because we’re building that partnership,” said Police Chief Joseph Cruz. “The camera system that you see here today is not just keeping our tourism industry safe, it’s keeping our community safe. I see this as the bigger picture. The bottom line is that we are going to continue to collaborate.”
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