Marines’ non-fire training on Tinian

More than 70 years after participating in the amphibious landings on Tinian in World War II, 1st Battalion 2d Marines will return to Tinian to conduct a non-fire training exercise from Nov. 16 to 18. This exercise tests a rapid deployment capability of first echelon forces that is a critical part of the Marine Corps’ Unit Deployment Program.
The North Carolina-based force will fly into the Tinian International Airport aboard a KC-130 and hike to North Field where they will train for two nights, learning firsthand about their unit history and lineage through battlefield studies, lecture and discussion.
The Marines will also consider the history of Tinian and its strategic importance in the international security environment.
Further commemorating this occasion, two Marines from 1st Battalion 2nd Marines will take this opportunity to re-enlist in the Marine Corps.
Upon conclusion aof their mission, the force will return on foot to the Tinian International Airport and redeploy to Fuji, Japan.
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