Hillary for America announces key Guam endorsements

Hillary for America announced yesterday the endorsement of three key Democratic leaders in Guam, ahead of the territory’s caucus on May 7. Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo, Democratic National Committeewoman Taling Taitano, and Democratic National Committeeman Sen. Rory Respicio all backed Clinton yesterday, citing her depth of experience and knowledge of the issues facing Guam.
“I strongly endorse Hillary Clinton for President,” said Bordallo. “There is no one more prepared to tackle the challenges that face our next President more than Hillary. She is good for Guam, having visited here several times, and is a champion of the Asia-Pacific rebalance strategy. She understands the issues important to the people of Guam, and I know that with her in the White House we will have a friend who works to address federal issues that impact the lives of our people.”
“It is an honor and a privilege to endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton,” said Taitano. “Having visited Guam twice, she knows our critical issues such as Compact Impact, Self Determination and the strategic role Guam plays in national security.”
“Hillary Clinton has the strength, compassion and principled leadership that we need in a President,” said Respicio. “She is knowledgeable about the issues important to the people of Guam, and she will be a great leader for the nation.”
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