Gov. Torres meets with officials of First Net

Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, along with officials in charge of the CNMI’s first responders, met with officials to discuss FirstNet, a program which aims to create a broadband network dedicated specifically for public safety.
First Net is an independent authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce. It can install a faster and much more reliable Internet data services for first responders in the CNMI to provide a backbone and allow for improved communications by carrying high-speed data, location information, images and streaming videos even during a calamity or a disaster situation.
The proposal includes the design, construction and operation of a nationwide, interoperable, public safety broadband network, but the exact cost has yet to be determined.
First Net, in partnership with U.S. Homeland Security, has prepared a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement or PEIS and is seeking public comments before it can proceed with the billion-dollar project.
First Net facilitators Robert Scinta and Andy Bielakowski and Environmental Resources Management facilitators Andrew Dewitt and Steve Roster were on island recently for a scheduled public meeting on the Draft PEIS.
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