Bridge Investment conducts in-house trainings

The Bridge Investment Group has made the safety of their employees a priority. In an effort to educate employees on the safest work practices and the most updated OSHA standards and safety training for their personal health and safety on the jobsite, the safety department is designated and tasked to ensure that all procedures and regulations are met. The United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration determines if the proper procedures are met by the company.
The safety department takes the initiative to continuously remind the employees about their safety while working in addition to ensuring that the right personal protective equipment are available and provided on a daily basis.
They also provide trainings on areas in the construction industry. Some of the trainings that have been completed are employee fire and safety awareness, aerial lift video training for those who operate the boom and scissor lifts, basic forklift safety training for those who operate the forklift trucks, and crane safety and awareness training for the operators and signalmen who are involved in the operation of the crane. The employees were handed out an OSHA approved laminated hand signal cards for all crane operators and signal persons.
All the employees who participated in the various trainings, took and passed written tests after each training sequence and will be receiving certificates reflecting their completion of the in-house training program.
“I found the proper handling of fire extinguishers training very helpful. I always thought there was only one type of fire extinguisher for all kinds of fire hazards. Now I know better, so thank you to the BIG fire and safety officers!” said administrative assistant Rochelle Cruz
BIG strives for their employees to be knowledgeable and comply with all safety protocols so that they may be able to properly and safely respond to potential hazards and most of all to go home safely to their families at the end of each work day.
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