Triple J to sell Tony Roma’s famous ribs

Team Triple J will be selling Tony Roma’s famous ribs as part of its fundraising event for the 2016 Marianas March Against Cancer tonight at the Hopwood Junior High School grounds in Chalan Piao.
The succulent ribs will come with rice, corn, coleslaw, and tiramisu for desert. All proceeds will go to MMAC.
Team Triple J will also have a cash machine raffle where $2 will earn you one raffle entry as well as an entry to the cash machine for a chance to earn more raffle tickets. The raffle is at 12am, while there will also be a mini basketball game.
Frank Ada, Aoki Atsushi, Alex Camacho, Perry Inos, Ryuhei Kono, Iliana Pacheco, Jay Santos, and Mario Valentino are Team Triple J’s captains.
Triple J Saipan is dedicated to helping the community by partnering with all of their affiliated companies to come together as Team 3J For Life at this year’s MMAC event.
Team 3J For Life is an embodiment of how Triple J can come together to make a difference in our community and truly help those in need. Their team name is not just a commitment, but also a promise to always celebrate life.
Triple J has many employees who have personally felt the negative effects of cancer, and as a team, they want to come together to show solidarity with them as well as raise funds to directly help support CNMI families and caregivers.
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