The home of comfort dessert food

Sunshine Café is a casual, fast-service coffee shop situated in downtown Garapan on the island of Saipan in the CNMI.
The café features a full menu of moderately priced “comfort” food specializing in cakes and other sweet delights influenced by Brian McKenna who has years of international experience as a chef, restaurateur, and now consultant. With his last 10 years spent in China, his desserts showcase Chinese elements, but always respecting time-honored recipes from around the world.
Targeting an up-scale non-pretentious dining market, the venue features freshly brewed (specialty) coffees and espresso-based beverages, cold pressed juices, fruit smoothies and milkshakes, as well as other drinks typically associated with a coffee shop.
A decadent dessert bar serves a wide range of freshly homemade specialty desserts and other small treats to be enjoyed at a bistro table, in the lounge area, or on the patio and the savory counter serves up refreshing salads, sandwiches, and other café-like comfort dishes.
The welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and the colorful interiors make Sunshine Café a perfect spot for a quick bite or an espresso while enjoying island life.