More jobs offered at next BSI job fair

Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC, doing business as Best Sunshine International, Ltd. says it will continue its ongoing efforts and do what it can to encourage the continuous hiring of local workers.
Demonstrating the company’s increasing recognized commitment to the CNMI, Best Sunshine CEO Mark Brown said, “It is our continuing goal to attract more locals to join us. Evidently, since we’ve opened, income earned by local Best Sunshine employees continue to grow and have become more significant and have provided an important boost to the community with tax dollars invested back into the local economy. Best Sunshine fosters active community involvement and instills a sense of pride by providing locals with gainful employment and equipping them with valuable skills and qualifications that they can pick up from training by industry experts offered by Best Sunshine.”
Brown added, “The conclusion is perceptible that local employment goals have been a win-win situation. Currently, we will increase the number of our local employees. In eager anticipation of the opening of the Grand Mariana, we want to continue our development plan by further building up our local workforce and inviting residents to apply at our next job fair especially for non-gaming job openings at various departments such as hotel operations, food and beverage, hospitality, and purchasing. We hope to hire at least 300 more locals at this job fair.”
Best Sunshine is wholly committed to providing local employment opportunities as evident by its continuing efforts to recruit and offer training to local workers who can begin an exciting career at the Grand Mariana Hotel Resort, its first of many landmark projects in Saipan. The company plans to continue expanding this opportunity especially to those looking for fresh promising opportunities in the CNMI and is committed to offering a variety of jobs for local residents by offering competitive rates and benefits.
Best Sunshine’s next job fair is scheduled at 9am to 5pm this Friday, May 13, at the Azucena banquet hall of Fiesta Resort and Spa. To schedule a priority interview, applicants are advised to pre-register and call 233-9188 before May 12. Best Sunshine’s Talent Acquisition team will also be calling applicants who were initially interviewed in past job fairs.
The objective is to provide locals with career counselling and long-term employment opportunities for those capable and interested in career advancement within the progressively growing corporation.
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