More Japan travel agents explore Marianas

In a continuing bid to revitalize visitor arrivals from Japan, on March 21-24, 2016, the Marianas Visitors Authority and Delta Air Lines hosted a third round of travel trade FAM(iliarization) tours targeting wholesalers in the country.
The FAM tours are one of the proposals made in a December 2015 meeting on Saipan between CNMI officials, tourism industry leaders, and Delta management.
“This third group of industry tour planners from Japan is a continuation of tours first commenced in January and is just the beginning of the MVA’s intensified efforts to bring more of the professionals who sell our destination to the destination,” said MVA marketing manager Bruce Bateman. “There are many tourism industry partners coming together in this effort to revive the Japan market, and we are optimistic about the positive impact this will have on arrivals.”
The group of nine included planners from JTB World Vacations, KNT Individual Tour, HIS, R&C Tours, Delta, and the MVA’s Japan office. The FAM tour conducted site inspections at hotels and various tourist attractions. The group was also interviewed by local television channel KSPN2. They lodged at Fiesta Resort & Spa during their visit.
The MVA is also working with Delta Air Lines, the Hotel Association of the Northern Mariana Islands, and other partners on another series of FAM tours beginning in April 2016 for up to 300 retail and group sales staff from four major travel agencies in Japan who will have the opportunity to experience Saipan either individually or with family or friends.
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