Lion Tiger Mosquito Coils now banned

The Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality would like to inform the general public that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has deactivated the Lion Tiger Mosquito Coils with EPA registration # 8112-1, a pesticide product that is used to kill and or repel mosquitos.
The Lion Tiger Mosquito Coils product that has been canceled does not meet U.S. EPA’s current safety standards. The active ingredient added in the mosquito coils are high in concentration and can be hazardous to health when inhaled or accidentally ingested by children. Unregistered mosquito coils may not contain any active ingredient (AI) or may not contain the correct strength of the AI. In effect, it will not be able to kill or repel mosquitos that can bite its victim, thus may transmit possible infectious pathogens it carries.
BECQ’s the Division of Environmental Quality shall no longer accept these products as legal for importation into the CNMI effective May 31, 2016. All retailers are advised to not purchase the Lion Tiger Mosquito Coils product listed and shall have up to June 30, 2016 to sell existing Lion Tiger Mosquito Coils products currently in inventory.
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