Hot Pot No. 1 opens in Saipan

Pop star Ren Quan and his circle of friends’ love for Sichuan hotpot led to the opening of Hot Pot No. 1 in early 2014 in Beijing and soon the restaurant expanded into a chain.
From Beijing Hot Pot No. 1 has now arrived on Saipan with the help of Brian McKenna who has years of international experience as a chef, restaurateur, and now consultant. Hot Pot No. 1 uses quality fresh local produce as much as possible.
Conveniently located in Garapan, the island’s tourist and commercial center, Hot Pot No. 1’s Saipan outlet is open daily from 10am to midnight. The simple décor and a relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect all-day dining venue welcoming both locals and tourists alike and creating a comfortable home-away-from-home for Chinese visitors.
Although the concept and the menu are similar to the chain in Beijing, special signature dishes have been created for Saipan, showcasing what the island has to offer. The coconut soup for example is exclusive to the Saipan menu only due to the nature and specific tastes of these coconuts. Special coconut beverages are also offered to match the surrounding tropical environment.
Soups can be ordered as three different types in one pot, or just one soup base per pot and include the following flavors—hot and spicy, mushroom, borscht, and coconut paradise and are priced from $25 to $35. Each soup comes with four different ingredients with a wide range available, including Angus short rib, pork, parrot fish, grouper, Australian scallop, lobster tail, shrimp, and much more, these are priced between $5 and $46. Menus are available in both English and Chinese.
Hot Pot No. 1 is located in the same building as Sunshine Café along Coral Tree Avenue in Garapan.
Chinese hotpot has a history of more than 1,000 years. A simmering metal pot of different flavored stocks, whilst placing different ingredients into the pot (meat, seafood, dumplings, leafy vegetables, and mushrooms). The cooked food is usually eaten with a dipping sauce and is a popular winter-time supper meal across China.