Camacho lauds staging of Jr. High Mock Trial

Last April 2, the 2016 Jr. High Mock Trial event was held at the CNMI Judiciary House of Justice in Susupe, Saipan. Schools from Rota, Tinian, and Saipan participated.
Superior Court Associate Judge Joseph N. Camacho did the welcoming remarks. Camacho thanked the Northern Marianas Humanities Council and the CNMI Judiciary for its many years of support for the Jr. High Mock Trial. Camacho, Associate Judge Teresa Kim-Tenorio, and attorney and CNMI Bar president Jennifer Dockter presided over the mock trial rounds.
Special thanks to the teacher-coaches and attorney-coaches and everyone who made the event a success.
Camacho said that, “I have been involve the Jr. High Mock Trial since the beginning almost 12 years ago. And each year it gets bigger and better as more schools and students get involve. The students learn about the roles of the court, witnesses and attorneys and how to resolve disputes in a legal and civilize fashion in a court of law. The students also gain confidence in public speaking and of course have lots of fun. We hold the Jr. High Mock Trial on Saturday each year to allow the parents, family members, and classmates to come and watch these hard working students.”
The fictitious case is the same case use in the High School Mock Trial involving a civil lawsuit involving a person driving a car while texting colliding with a bicyclist going into an intersection when the light was red.
The schools that took part in the 2016 Jr. High Mock Trial were Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Junior High School, Chacha Ocean View Middle School, Dandan Middle School, Dr. Rita H. Inos Junior Senior High School, Eskuelan San Francisco de Borja, Saipan Community School, Saipan International School, San Antonio Middle School, Tanapag Middle School, and Tinian Junior Senior High School.
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