BSI donates wheelchairs to CHCC

Barely a week from the culmination of Best Sunshine International, Ltd.-initiated beautification efforts throughout the hospital, its Corporate Social Responsibility team once again allied with Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.—showing that both companies are aligned in mutual objectives and community goals to form a mutually beneficial partnership.
Best Sunshine CSO Tao Xing and CSR director Geri Dela Cruz and her team presented CHCC executives with eight wheelchairs to be used in the hospital’s different units.
Dela Cruz said, “From observation and conversations with different CHCC employees, it was evident that there is a big need for wheelchairs for our hospital patients. We are fortunate that Best Sunshine is very supportive in considering requests for donations that serve the community as a whole. We have decided that it is perfect timing to turn over these wheelchairs as the CNMI celebrates May as Women’s Health Month. Our partnership with CHCC is one that would definitely benefit the entire community and I look forward to future partnerships with this agency.”
Esther Muna, CEO of CHCC, said, “We’re very grateful to Best Sunshine, particularly to Tao Xing, and to the entire team of Best Sunshine’s CSR led by Geri Dela Cruz, for the eight wheelchairs they donated to us. These will be used and distributed among departments; two wheelchairs in the pediatric ward, and two wheelchairs in each department at the FCC, those will be the women’s clinic, children’s clinic, and the adult clinic. These will definitely be useful. Certainly this will alleviate our staff just having the availability of these wheelchairs right at the clinic door instead of trying to look for wheelchairs. And that’s what we’ve been doing in the past; we’ve been sharing wheelchairs and now we’ll be able to make sure that each unit has its own. It’s about patient care. On our part, we want to make sure that we can provide the service. People don’t want to wait for a wheelchair. We want to be able to have it for them readily available. So I appreciate this a lot.”
“This is a very awesome donation from Best Sunshine,” remarked Jesse Tudela, CHCC hospital administrator. He adds, “I appreciate the company’s generosity as we are in need of wheelchairs. Every year, we seem to end up losing wheelchairs, mainly because of the community need; we have patients who have those needs and can’t ambulate, and secondly, the wear and tear of the wheelchairs, of course. I think Best Sunshine is doing a great job in the community and now extending these efforts to our hospital. We’re looking forward to their forthcoming donations and efforts in improving the healthcare environment. Patient care now at CHC for any non-ambulating patient is taken care of with this donation.”
Warren Villagomez, director of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program, said “I would like to acknowledge and thank BSI for all their work and contribution from helping us bring up the aesthetic of the hospital; more so the significant delivery of these wheelchairs. This donation of medical equipment will accommodate the hospital ranging from the day-to-day operation, to any emergency response, and to evacuating the hospital if that need arose, making sure the safety of our people are up to the standard that we want to provide for them.”
“These wheelchairs are really great, especially for the adult clinic,” said Dr. Elizabeth Kohnen, medical director of the hospital’s Family Care Clinic (FCC). She explains, “Our patients have to go a long way to the lab and X-ray department and it’s a frequent problem especially for the man’amko patients. This will be a wonderful benefit for the people being seen and for their ease of care”.
Muna adds, “This is the people’s hospital. Best Sunshine making a donation like this is really for the people. Anything that benefits our people and our patients is always a great thing for the CNMI.”
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