BSI donates $1,500 to Crime Stoppers

Since its inception in 1989, the NMI Crime Stoppers continues to be a major community and law enforcement partner. It continues to grow and initiate innovative marketing and outreach programs to promote safety and awareness.
At the same time it has reached out for community support to ensure its continued success. NMI Crime Stoppers board of directors and officers—Ivan Ilmov, chairman Crime Stoppers; Jill Arenovski, director of the Crime Stoppers organization, and Jim Arenovski, board member and regional director of Crime Stoppers—on Friday received that support from Best Sunshine International, Ltd.
BSI donated $1,500 to assist the organization on its daily operating cost in the service of the community.
Also, this year NMI Crime Stoppers will be staging its annual softball tournament, a fundraising sporting event that is expected to draw community support to the organization’s programs and activities.
“The annual softball tournament is our only fundraiser of the year. The money goes toward our operating expenses throughout the year including the Internet, computer, programs we use, our sophisticated call system, banners, pamphlets, and materials we give during our school outreach,” Jim Arenovski said.
“As for Best Sunshine, we appreciate the fact that they recognize that this is a worthwhile program and we are trying to reduce crime so that Saipan continues to be a great place to work with.”
Arenovski added, “We hope to continue this partnership for years into the future.”