Anonymous donor to help Saipan Animal Shelter

A prominent Saipan businessman and animal lover has stepped up and offered to pay any registration fees for any animal adopted from the Saipan Animal Shelter from Monday, March 28, through Thursday, March 31, the day the animal shelter is closing due to damage from Typhoon Soudelor. That means all dogs and cats at the shelter can now be taken home with registration fees paid for already! 
“We wish we could share the name of this individual, but he would rather remain unknown to the public, and we can›t thank him enough for his help,” said Beth Pliscou from Saipan Cares for Animals. 
“I already have three cats and four dogs myself, and I’ve always been a big supporter of the Mayor’s Animal Shelter and this is another way I can help. Don’t use my name, I just want to help,” said the mystery businessman. 
Mayor David M. Apatang is continuing to offer families and individuals the opportunity to visit the shelter and pick out any healthy dog or cat and become a proud pet owner! Come visit the shelter from 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday, March 28, through Thursday, March 31. Give a cat or dog a chance to become your best friend from March 28-31, and the registration fees will be paid by this private businessman.
Efforts are still ongoing to secure another location for a shelter for Saipan’s homeless animals.
Visit the animal shelter in Lower Base or call the Office of the Mayor of Saipan at 234-6208, or contact Spencer Marchadesch at 783-4743. You can also visit Saipan Cares for Animals on Facebook to see pictures and profiles of all the wonderful dogs and cats that are waiting and ready to go home with you!
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