A Letter From the Governor About United Airline’s Last Flight

This morning, the last passenger flight from United Airlines arrived on Saipan, marking their last service to enter the CNMI until further notice. This is a result of United Airlines’ response to my request to suspend inbound travel as a means to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Marianas.

Our COVID-19 Task Force was on hand to conduct the final passenger transport and quarantine processing for inbound passengers.

Lt. Governor Palacios and I would like to give a special thanks to the hardworking staff of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, Commonwealth Ports Authority, Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Department of Public Safety, Department of Finance Division of Customs, Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, and Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority and the staff from our private sector partners at the Kanoa Resort, Pacific Islands Club, and POI Aviation for working to ensure a smooth process for all our incoming passengers and for the sacrafices they make to continue to ensure the safety of our community.

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