Taiwan Moments shows Hell of the Marianas overseas

The Marianas Visitors Authority’s annual signature event Hell of the Marianas was scheduled to be featured on the 1-hour show “Taiwan Moments” last month, bringing the event to 630,000 viewers in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.
The TV show highlighted the Taiwanese college students of Action Cycling Team that placed 2nd and 3rd in the pro/elite category of the century cycle. The team’s feat was also covered by Weekly Money, a magazine with 80,000 copies distributed to business people and managers in the country.
“At this time, the Northern Mariana Islands receives some Taiwanese visitors via China or Korea, and we’d like to see that number grow,” said MVA Marketing manager Bruce Bateman. “The goal of our representative office in Taiwan is to continue to build demand for Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, hopefully to the point where airlines will take an interest in developing direct flights.”
MVA Marketing specialist Laura Hsiao accompanied the group during their FAM tour, noting that the group took several wrong turns during the race as they were not able to complete the pre-race route inspection due to the television show filming schedule.
“They were very happy with their race results but acknowledged the course was very challenging due to hills and curves requiring specific skills, training, and experience to finish well,” said Hsiao. “They said it was a lot of fun to feel the ‘passion’ of the sun, the ocean breeze, and if they were lucky, a rain shower from the Pacific to cool down. The race gave them the chance to see both beautiful Saipan and the ‘hell’ of the Marianas.”
The accompanying media also visited a number of locales in Saipan, including Grotto, Paupau Beach, scenic Beach Rd., Mt. Tapochao, Tank Beach, and Fiesta Resort & Spa beachside and dinner show. Eateries visited included 360 Revolving Restaurant,the seafood buffet at Aqua Resort Club, Monster Pizza, Himawari, and Taiwan Beef Noodle Restaurant.
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