HANMI supports Delta Air Line’s ambassadors for CNMI

The Hotel Association of the Northern Mariana Islands joined the Marianas Visitors Authority and Delta Air Lines on July 27, 2016, in appointing 227 “ambassadors” that will help sell the Northern Mariana Islands.
HANMI, represented by chairwoman Gloria Cavanagh, was instrumental in a series of FAM(ilarization) tours conducted by travel agents and tour planners in the first half of this year.
Following a December 2015 meeting between Delta, HANMI, the CNMI Office of the Governor, the MVA, and Japan Saipan Travel Association, a series of FAM tours were coordinated to bring more tour planners and travel agents to experience the allure of the Northern Marianas firsthand, in order to better package and sell the destination.
Cavanagh shared that, according to Delta, recently flights from Narita to Saipan flight showed the most improvement compared to flights to competing destinations of Guam and Palau.
“When this program was first suggested by Mr. Morimoto of Delta, HANMI quickly realized the value in participating by providing the rooms. Our islands of Saipan, Rota and Tinian are experiencing a revitalization. We are very hopeful that great changes are occurring that will place the Commonwealth on the visitor map in Japan,” said Cavanagh.
“HANMI’s commitment to giving key Delta personnel first-hand experience in the Northern Marianas, especially during the time of the year when hotel rooms are in high demand, underscores how vital we know it is to revive and rebuild our visitor base from Japan.”
HANMI’s commitment to donate rooms for the FAM tours was fulfilled by seven member hotels. The appointment ceremony was held at The Place in Tokyo and was also attended by MVA. A majority of the ambassadors in attendance were from HIS travel agency.
“The Japan market is very important to us,” Cavanagh assured industry partners at the event. “Our industry would never have developed as it has without the Japan tourism market. We, as a destination and we, as a hotel association, will work hard together with all of you to regrow this market. Our dedication and willingness to see the increase of the Japan market is strong.”
HANMI was established in 1985 as a professional forum for the hospitality industry of the CNMI.
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